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CONSTANT provides protective security services for businesses and organizations in Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Akron, Canton and the surrounding communities.


Lives and businesses are too precious to take the risk of hiring an unproven or under-trained security firm. CONSTANT is owned and managed by seasoned security and law enforcement professionals with real-world experience.


There are many security companies to choose from, but what sets CONSTANT apart is our rigorous screening and training process that yields an elite team of serious professionals.  Companies may pay a little more for CONSTANT, but they get a much higher caliber of officers and the peace of mind that comes with out higher standards.  We pay our officers a little more, we make a little less profit, and we are okay with that.  It provides for a better security specialist for our client, and we sleep better at night knowing that.


Our security specialists are dedicated to protecting your human capital, corporate assets and information.


We understand the range of security threats that can stand between success and failure, life and death, and we leverage our collective knowledge, training, experience and integrity to anticipate and respond decisively to those threats.


The bottom line for us is that our clients can operate from a position of strength and security and focus on their core business.

Contact us today:

Call for a consultation, and let's get started let us give you peace of mind, so you can focus on your core business.



Don't want to be wrapped up on the phone, email us here.

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